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This online tool is intended for use by non profit organizations and requires password access. Membership files containing address information can be uploaded onto the server (MS Excel - "xls" file ending or plain comma separated text files - "txt" file name ending). The tool will search for Legislative District information using the geographic location of the address.

Please note that matching rates depend on data quality and usually rage from 65 - 90 %. Matching of legislative districts for records containing P.O Boxes, incomplete addresses and locations outside of Washington State will fail. Maximum allowed file size is 1MB. The estimated error rate for legislative district information with this tool is 2-5% and occurs with addresses that are close to legislative boundary lines.  If your needs require 100% accuracy - please visit the WA.gov Leg ID district finder tool.

This tool has been discontinued on Dec 20th, 2011. If you need the tool reinstated you can contact

Brendon Cechovic

Program Director
WEC Voter Education Program
1402 3rd Ave Suite 1400
Seattle, WA 98101
phone 206.631.2621
brendon (at) wcvoters dot org

The tool was created by

Karsten Vennemann

Principal and GIS Analyst Terra GIS
karsten (at) terragis dot net


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Special thanks to the following open source software projects
Geocoder::US, BerkeleyDB, Active Perl, PHP, Postgresql and PostGIS