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Building Non-Partisan Political Power
A Tool to Add Political Jurisdictions to Membership Lists
This online tool is intended for use by institutions affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation organizations in the Northwest (see list above) and requires a password.  The tool allows institutions to add information to their membership list that will tell them each member’s:
  • Legislative District
  • School District
  • Congressional District
  • County or County Council District
  • City
  • Precinct (selected counties)
Please note that matching rates depend on data quality and usually range from 65-90%.  The tool uses a member’s address to determine their precise geographical location (geocoding) and therefore requires accurate street addresses (P.O. Boxes, incomplete addresses, and locations outside of Washington and Oregon will fail).  Since the tool uses mapping technology rather than voter lists (allowing it to return data for unregistered voters as well as those who are registered), some errors may occur if an individual lives near a boundary line.  If there is a question, please visit the legislative district finder tool at:

For general user information and to register for a username and password please contact

For technical issues and other requests regarding the tool please contact

Joe Chrastil
Sound Alliance
phone (206) 575-2252
joe (at) soundorganizing dot org

Karsten Vennemann
Principal and GIS Analyst Terra GIS
Seattle, WA
phone (206) 905 1711
karsten (at) terragis dot net
Terra GIS Terra GIS

Special thanks to the following open source software projects
Geocoder::US, BerkeleyDB, Active Perl, PHP, Postgresql and PostGIS